5 Fun Personality Traits of People Born

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on 1, & 2

Astrology is like an umbrella under which there are different inalienable branches, and Numerology is also one of them. According to the top-tier Numerology & Astrology services provider, the science of numerical, now vastly known as Numerology, originated in Hindu and Egyptian civilisations. The science behind it depicts the importance of number in our lives and how it impacts us.


As per Indian philosophy, the number 9 is the most pivotal. It is considered divine as it indicates the completion of cycles. Similarly, every number comes with its vices and virtues, and here we will be unveiling the traits of people celebrating their birthday’s on the 1, and 2 of any month.

Traits of People Born on ‘1’

  1. Number 1 is governed by Sun, and the people sharing this birthdate are enthusiastic and energetic.
  2. Sun gifts you a unique superiority sense. Hence, you naturally can step into the shoes of executive and administrative positions.
  3. You have a positive outlook on life which is why you are strong-minded and carry a determined approach toward others.
  4. Your great observing sense is your best teacher. You are also a travel lover and learn much from moving freely across various destinations.
  5. You think analytically and logically.

Traits of People Born on ‘2’

  1. If you blow candles on the 2nd of any month, you are governed by the moon. The feminine planet moon is changeable, moist, and cold, which makes you a hodophile.
  2. Your mood swings are similar to the tides of an ocean governed by the moon. As per Numerology & Astrology services provider you are changeable and fluctuate.
  3. People born on the 2nd of the month are very emotional, sensitive and naturally caring towards all. Therefore, it’s inbuild in your nature to show care and guide others. You are a helping hand to many.
  4. Forgetting anyone’s important date is not on your list. You share solid emotional bonds with your family and your partner. So your near and dear ones never have to worry about you not wishing them their birthdays and anniversaries.
  5. You are gentle, soft-spoken and generous.


Who we were, are and will be in the coming future, every aspect of our lives is related to the numbers around us. The day you are born is one memorable occasion, and the date is equally essential as per the science of numerology. Numerology & Astrology services provider helps you in figuring out your lucky numbers. Correct your life decisions based on the study of numbers. Navigate life with help of your fortunate numbers.