JAN 21-FEB 19

Aquarius, an Air sign, is often mistaken for a Water sign since it is symbolized by someone carrying the waters of humanity and pouring it over the earth. The element Air represents the desire to communicate brotherhood and freedom to the rest of the world. Aquarians have inventive minds and are always seeking innovative projects in which they may become involved. They are socially conscious and are identified with groups fighting social and political injustice. Interests range from technology, to astrology and social work.

Persons born during this period are over- sensitive and their feelings are easily hurt. They often lose control of themselves and say or do things which they regret later. Though they are sociable, they suffer from loneliness in life. They do, however make good friends and wise counselors. Persons with Aquarius as their Sun Sign are successful at debates and arguments. They have a scientific bent of mind and are successful as doctors, writers, actors, scientists and psychologists. They take great interests in public meetings and ceremonies. In their personal life, they often indulge in clandestine love affairs and are unhappy in their married life.

They have a straightforward temperament and disposition which is liked by most people. An easy and genuine friendliness comes naturally, and their friendships are often long and many in number. Yet, strangely, no matter how well or how long a person has been associated with them, he or she never comes to know them completely. This stems from the complex and unfathomed depths which are latent in the sign of Aquarius. Of course, the average person does not realize this and interprets it as a pleasant aloofness in their nature. They give the impression of being slightly detached, without appearing unfriendly or unsympathetic.

They love meeting new people with whom they can exchange ideas and always enjoy surroundings themselves with others dedicated to the same ideals. They have difficulties being intimate with one person because of their involvement with groups and causes. Their shortcomings include a highly strung nature, impatience and an inflexibility to change habits and patterns which would put their lives on a more even keel.

They will not be demonstrative in their affections or able to express their love; they will however be intensely loyal to those they love and will fight to the bitter end for a bitter end for a friend or for any cause they espouse. They have strong intuitions about those they come in contact with and will be generally right in their judgment. They will read people instinctively but being sensitive and so disclaimed to hurt others, they will be prone to conceal their opinion or keep it to themselves.

They will have remarkably good ideas in business and will be found giving excellent advice to others but as a general rule they will find themselves unsuccessful due to lack of initiative.

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