MAR 21-APR 20

Aries is symbolized by a Ram, which is by nature rash, combative, lascivious, springy and hardy. With Mars ruling this sign, people born under the sign of Aries are active, ambitious, bold, confident, courageous and impulsive. They are always interested in challenges and once they have achieved what they have sought, they move on to the next project. They posses a childlike nativity and Aries native must learn to cultivate patience and to think before they act. They have an abundant amount of physical energy which should always be expressed. If it is not released, this energy is likely to emerge as aggression, anger and hostility.

Mars the ancient symbol of war and action, strong influences persons born in April making the combative element predominate. As the rule they fight their way through obstacles, concerning many dangerous and experiencing many changes in their life and career.

As a general rule the men born in this part of the year suffers a great deal through their affections; they seldom understand women and often make great mistakes in their relationship with them. They generally go to extremes in all things are too frank and outspoken and inclined to make enemies by want of tact. They are extremely ambitious, as a rule they succeed in life and either amass money or gain positions of responsibility.

People born during this period of the year have a strong will power, ambition and courage. They do not like criticism, and lack, tact and diplomacy. They are straightforward and do not care much for the feelings and sentiments of others. By nature they are impulsive and rash. They usually succeed in life, achieve a good position and money. They are best suited for a career connected with metals, metallurgy, engineering, surgery, explosive, sports, and so on. Their love affairs are quick and sudden. However they are usually unhappy in their married life because they seldom understand their partners.

Forceful & determined to get your own way, you can become indignant and even hot tempered when opposed, although you soon forget an argument or a grudge.

Since you are fond of having your own way, enjoy independence and are happy when in command, you may not be suited for occupations where you have to subjugate your own desires. An excess of recklessness, impatience and lack of forethought may lead to personal calamity, so you should train yourself always to think before you act.

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