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Astrology and horoscopes are some of the most intricate parts of our culture. There are people who follow their horoscopes so closely that it becomes a religion to them, and there are others who don’t even know their zodiac sign. If you want to learn more and get astrology certified, then these online courses can help! We help you in starting your Career With Effective Astrology Tips because we have the most famous astrologer in Tricity – Astrologer P. Khurrana talking about Indian Astrology and more. We can also help in Job Counseling through Astrology. But for now, refer to the below list to make the best use of courses in astrology.

What are the five best astrology certification courses? The best courses and schools to get certified in astrology are:

1. The Holistic Astrology School’s Comprehensive Course

2. Alanna K’s Alchemical Astrology Certification Program

3. Nightlight Astrology’s Certification Courses

4. Los Angeles Astrology School

5. Astrology University

There’s plenty to learn about astrology, and it’s pretty cool to be a certified astrologist. If you’re in the business for tarot card readings or other fortune telling rituals, then being certified can definitely help your business boom.

Where can I learn astrology online?

You might be surprised, but there are actually several different places and ways you can learn about astrology online—even if you don’t know anything about astrology to begin with!

If you don’t know anything about astrology, then you probably don’t want to start by jumping into a full certification course. You can find plenty of helpful information on Google and YouTube to get you introduced to the study.

If you’re looking to learn over time, you can even check out TV shows and movies that center around astrology. It’s actually more common than you think; a lot of popular shows draw from astrology without directly mentioning it. After becoming certified, you’ll start noticing this!

The 5 Best Astrology Certification or Certificate Courses Online

Looking for the best astrology courses available online? You’ve come to the right place! These 5 programs are great choices for learning as much as you can about astrology—the best part is, you can even get certified after these courses.

A certification lets you make more money in your astrology career. You’ll be better at what you do, and people will naturally trust you more. Let’s take a look at five options you can complete online to gain this certification.

1. The Holistic Astrology School

The Holistic Astrology School offers an intense study of astrology in their comprehensive course. You’ll have access to and learn everything the Holistic Astrology School has to offer, from the very beginning classes to the master-level achievements.

Here are all the classes that you’ll gain access to with this course special:

• Astrology Step 1 – Making and Understanding Charts

• The Astrologer’s Ethics

• Learning Astrology Step 2: Sun-signs, Moon-signs and Rising Signs

• Learning Astrology Step 3: Reading the Persona – Mercury, Venus and Mars

• Learning Astrology Step 4: The Elaborated Persona Reading

• Astrology Step 5: The Astrological Houses

• Special Features of the Chart

• The Progressed Chart

• Astrology and Reincarnation

• Combined Astrological Charts

All of these courses are self-paced and ready to start whenever you are. You’ll also keep access to them forever, so it’s a great way to have backup material to brush up on through your professional years.

If you’re only looking to take a specific course, then that’s an option as well! Here are the breakdowns of each course. Here’s what you’ll learn with each individual course:

• Astrology Step 1 – Making and Understanding Charts

o How the planets, signs, astrological houses, the ascendant, and mid-heaven work together to produce an
astrological chart

• The Astrologer’s Ethics

o Learn how to best serve your clients and what happens to the energy around you in a reading

• Learning Astrology Step 2: Sun-signs, Moon-signs and Rising Signs

o Sun-signs, Moon-signs, rising suns, the Sun, the Moon, the ascendant, astronomy, mythology, and esoteric

• Learning Astrology Step 3: Reading the Persona – Mercury, Venus and Mars

o Interpret astrological persona readings based on Mercury, Venus, and Mars; astronomy; mythology; esoteric

• Learning Astrology Step 4: The Elaborated Persona Reading

o Learn about Jupiter, Saturns, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to use them in chart readings; astronomy;
mythology; relationships between celestial bodies; natal charts

• Astrology Step 5: The Astrological Houses

o Understanding the following things in a natal chart based on the 12 houses: potential, finance, health,
relationships, and vocation. (Check out this article to found out the astrology houses and their

• Special Features of the Chart

o Chiron, the galaxy center, the Asteroid Belt, the part of fortune, mid-heaven

• The Progressed Chart

o How charts change over years, mid-heaven, producing and reading the progressed chart

• Astrology and Reincarnation

o True and South Node, deeper meanings of Saturn, the Draconic chart

• Combined Astrological Charts

o Producing charts for more than one person at a time

2. Alanna K’s Alchemical Astrology Certification Program

Alanna Kaivalya teaches an Alchemical Astrology Certification Program that’s completely online. Her Ph.D. lets you know that she knows exactly what she’s talking about, and she even lays her eight weeks of lessons out for you to check out.

Here’s how the 75-hour professional certification program works:

• Module 1: Introduction to Astrology

• Module 2: Understanding Your Natural Chart

• Module 3: Foundational Astrology

• Module 4: Energetic Signatures: The Zodiac

• Module 5: Energetic Signatures: The Planets

• Module 6: Energetic Signatures: The Houses

• Module 7: Using Astrology to Understand Yourself & Others

• Module 8: Turning the Stars into Your Business

This course works great for those who have struggled to learn astrology before. It does a great job at reversing any old ideas you have that could be wrong. Alanna is actually referred to commonly as the yoga doctor; she’s great at what she does, and she even offers a 14-day money back guarantee should you not enjoy the first two modules of the program.

This course does not give you a certification; at the end, you’ll only be eligible to receive a certification in Alchemical Astrology.

3. Nightlight Astrology

The Nightlight Astrology School offers three programs for you to choose from. Each 12-month course is designed to give you a great foundation of knowledge, and there’s even a course for returning students. Here are the three courses offered:

First Year Astrology Certification Course

This course is designed to introduce you to the study of astrology after you’ve decided that astrology is for you. This is a year-long study, so it’s a good idea to go through this course once you know that you’re serious about studying the stars.

Here are the topics you’ll learn throughout the year per the course description:

• History of western astrology

• Philosophical and mystical roots of astrology

• Basic astronomy of ancient astrology

• Influence of modern depth psychology in astrology

• Role of karma, fate, and free will in astrology

• Original use and meanings of the 7 traditional planets

• 12 houses and the origins of their meanings

• 12 signs and their ancient meanings

• Traditional aspect/configuration doctrines

• Concepts of sect, essential dignity, and accidental dignity

• Spirit/fortune distinction

• Traditional chart reading methods and predictive skills

• Live client readings and case studies

• Integration of ancient astrology and modern astrological counseling techniques

The goal of this course is to give you a good foundation of knowledge in mythical philosophy and Hellenistic natal astrology. Essentially, you’re only learning the very basics, but you’ll have one of the best, deepest foundations you can get.

This course includes online webinar classes, where you’ll also get taught by guest speakers from around the world. You’ll interact with your teacher and classmates on forums and during the webinar. This isn’t a self-paced kind of online course; you’ll be dealing directly with everyone else in the classes. There are also recommended assessments and readings to help you get as much information as possible out of the course. Don’t worry though; you’ll get a recording of every class to have forever!

This course has the same benefits as the first year program, but with the additional value of a smaller class size. You’ll get more time with the instructor and guest speakers as well as the other students.

While the school typically requires you to start with the first year course, you can ask for exceptions if you’ve got plenty of experience and/or training in Hellinistic astrology specifically.

Introduction to Horary Astrology

Different than Hellinistic astrology, horary astrology deals with casting charts and answering specific questions with concrete answers.

Over the course of a year, these are the topics the course description says you’ll focus on:

• A brief history of horary astrology

• The question of divination in astrology

• The fundamental techniques of horary astrology

• Ethical considerations in horary astrology

• The art of judgment

• Student-led case studies

• Live client horary questions on a regular weekly basis

The course works the same way as the other courses from Nightlight Astrology School, and it’s a great place for returning students to start their studies again.

4. Los Angeles Astrology School

The Los Angeles Astrology School offers shorter classes than most of the other online programs that you’ll find, but there are plenty to choose from. Together, you can gain a deep understanding of astrology and specific instruction on some ways to read the stars and make money.

The instructor, Dr. Craig, has been practicing holistic astrology since 1988. He traveled the world to study the stars, which led him to teaching in 1999.

There are four programs offered online:

Beginner Astrology

This is a six-week course designed for people who are completely new to the world of astrology. You’ll learn the following things in this class:

• The signs and how they express themselves

• The astrology chart

• The houses

• The planets

• The aspects

• Reading charts

• Personality assessments

• Begin studying predictive methods

Beginner/Intermediate Astrology

This six-week class immediately follows where the Beginner Astrology course leaves off. However, if you’ve already got a basic understanding of astrology, then you’re ok to start here! Here are the things this class focuses on:

• Compatibility/astrology between couples

• Studying prediction

• Viewing charts as pictures of potential

• How to help ourselves

• How to help others achieve their potentials as shown by astrology charts

5. Astrology University

At Astrology University, you’ll be taught by the best teachers and have access to a diverse training program. Learn new skills by hands-on mentoring while you reap the benefits of following a guided curriculum designed to help facilitate your success You’ll get assistance moving past common barriers astrology students experience, such as difficulty synthesizing planets, signs and houses, or identifying the most important themes in a chart.

The Astrology University offers a four-year program to become a ‘Professional Astrologer’ which offers both training and certification.

The Professional Astrologer Training and Certification Program will provide a broad and diverse education in astrological methods and styles of thought to students seeking to either deepen their understanding of astrology or to become working professional astrologers.

Over the course of your studies you will learn the core building blocks of Western astrological practice and will be introduced to several approaches to Western Astrology: Psychological, Archetypal, Mythic, Ancient/Traditional, Humanistic, Evolutionary and Transformational.You will be exposed to a diverse set of teachings that will ultimately map out an approach to astrology that is empowering, life-affirming and respectful of the power of free will to intentionally engage with life.


Astrology is a complex study of the stars that includes things like psychology, astronomy, philosophy, and mythology. Studying astrology can be as complex or as simple as you’d like to make it, and online courses give you a very easy way to do just that. Hopefully the above info helped and you found a course that works for you! If you’d like to just dig a little more into the field before taking a course check out our article on what astrologers do.

Any of these programs listed will give you a great understanding of astrology and how you can use it in your daily life. You can even use astrology practically, whether you’re a yoga teacher or a fortune teller. We hope this information was helpful in your quest to learn more and possibly become an astrologer!