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Vast Shastra is a science of building construction and balancing of energies in it. It aligns the energies of a building with nature to ensure healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. Astrologer P. Khurrana provides solutions to the problems of diseased domains. Whether the objective is to improve love life & relationships, education, health, job and finance, or simply to experience greater level of tranquility, Astrologer P. Khurrana helps you to make it happen. It helps converting a house into a ‘Dream home’ and a work place into a ‘Resource’! The benefits of Vastu are enormous.



It can help you improve any and every area of life painlessly and effectively. Astrologer P. Khurrana provides you authentic and genuine Vastu Consultancy Services for your home and work place and help you to create more balanced environment which can attract good health, wealth, energy and tranquility into your life. Whether the objective is to improve love life, career or financial status, or simply to experience greater level of tranquility, Astrologer P. Khurrana helps you to make it happen. According to Astrologer P. Khurrana, the solution to every problem in your life is found in your very home. He helps you find the right solutions.

Whether it be solutions for the problems related to health, wealth, career, marriage, education, creativity, kitchen, doors, bedrooms, study room, pooja room, business, shops, offices, corporates, factory, hospital, industries, hotels, educational institutes etc. Astrologer P. Khurrana is providing Vastu Consultation across India. Every day, he helps over 2,000 people through Vastu to overcome their problems.

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His Vaastu Consultation is relevant for all types of buildings irrespective of their use like Residences or House, Offices, Industries, Business Establishments, Lodges & Hotels, Educational institutes, Malls and others.
Astrologer Khurrana assure success for you and your family, if you adopt all the principles of Vaastu, within 3–8 months of implementation of the advice. Every house/workplace has different sections related to life. The key ones being wealth, health, career, education, marriage & relationship. There is a high degree of correlation between energy and directions. Because of that, it can either lead an individual to the pinnacles of success & bring happiness or lead them to a life full of mental stress and trauma. The core of all the problems in matters concerning wealth, health, career, education, marriage & relationship is due to the imbalance of your Seven Chakras. It happens due to the influence of the unfavourable directions for any individual.

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The Seven chakras are channelized and charged, for the continuous happy living. It is when the human beings are surrounded by Positive Energy and they follow their favourable directions. Opening your Seven chakras and allowing a healthy flow of energy is a powerful tool for staying balanced, maintaining good health and positive thoughts. Chakras are spinning wheels of electric energy of different colours that perform many functions connecting our energy fields, bodies and the broader Cosmic Energy Field. By facing your favourable directions you will be able to achieve success for your efforts.

Our Vastu Consultants help you make your lives better and will secure your day-to-day life. Get the best vast shastra consultancy in Chandigarh with Astrologer P. Khurrana today. Contact through mail or follow the social media handles listed below. Stay safe, stay healthy and take care!