JUN 22-JUL 22

This sign is symbolized by a crab and the ruling planet, the Moon, provides Cancerians with a fertile imagination, moodiness and inclination towards high emotions.
Persons born during this period are changeable, sensitive, moody and restless. They are emotional, tenacious in their feelings and attached to their home and family. However they seldom find domestic happiness. Being hardworking and industrious they are usually successful in business. They often reach high position in life.
Due to extreme sensitivity , there may be nervour irritability and, at times, meaningless chatter which compensate for general insecurity and shyness. They are sentimental but their personalities are extremely chanmgeable, ranging from extreme warmth to secrecy which is often mistaken for coldness. Cancerians feel safe and secure surrounded by family and the comforts of home though they sometimes go through their entire lives searching for it. With difficult aspects, they can be quick tempered, irritable and dishonest. Crab have great ups and downs in money matters, unless they have conquered there speculative tendency early in life.
This ability links up with Cancer’s affinity with water which always will adapt itself to the shape of the container which holds it.
They are sympathetic towards people in distress and it is remarkable how many times Cancer on the ascendant brings contact with suffering and troubles to others perhaps this is because you have some of the martyr in their nature.
They like the security of a home base because their home, domestic and family life is of prime importance. A career or other interests are all very well but they need home life and all very well but they need home life and all it suggests to achieve complete fulfillment. Cancer is the sign of home lovers & home makers.

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