DEC 22-JAN 20

In accordance with their symbol of the Goat, Capricornia’s have immense organizational skill and an overwhelming desire and ability to achieve their goals at any cost. Whatever Capricornia’s set out to do will be followed through to the end despite many obstacles along the way.

Persons born during this period are mentally strong, determined, hardworking and independent in all their actions. They can excel in any work that requires administrative or managerial skills, including government service, commerce, agriculture, engineering and educations. They neither interfere in the affairs of others, nor tolerate interference by others. Their temperament is somewhat melancholic and, therefore generally misunderstood by others. Family life of Capricornia’s is usually troubled.

They are economical, frugal and cautious and very rarely proceed without planning in advance. They are good and loyal friends, honest, upright and persevering to a fault without ever complaining. They are faithful and extremely good providers but need secure homes to which they can always return and reflect upon their busy lives. They are born leaders and posses great executive abilities. Capricornia’s can be extremely disciplined and calculating to the point of ruthlessness.

Perseverance is a keyword of their nature. Once they decide to reach a goal they will persist until they do so. It may take sometime to decide just what they want to do in life but once they reach a decision, their steadfast determination will help them achieve almost anything they want to.

They are not the type who lives just for the moment; they plan for the future, are economical and wherever possible their financial affairs are organized to ensure comfort and security in both- their prime of life and later years.

Being influenced by Saturn they are neither flippant nor superficial but rather serious minded, patient, thrifty and stable. These are excellent qualities but they should be careful not to allow an over- cautious attitude to cramp their initiative and so prevent them from taking a chance to expand.

A Capricornian’s outlook is practical and down-to-earth and there is likely to be a lack of imagination and fun in their nature. They should cultivate their sense of houmour and not allow an over-serious and pessimistic outlook to overrule of joy of living.

They are quick in their intuition of people and things but are inclined to be too easily discouraged in their plans and fall into a despondent state at the first rebuff or disappointment. Their views on love, duty or social economics will be always unique, faithful and honest. As a general rule they will be misunderstood by others. They will not easily mix with people. They will have a few close friends, but at heart feel very much alone.

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