In the birth chart, you can see many trends, among them, is the possibility of fortune, in terms of business and money. To successfully resolve this point we should first examine what in traditional astrology they call the “Great Benefactor”, the planet that expands everything is Jupiter. It is the natural significator of wealth and luck in general, seeing in which sign it is, with what aspects and in which house. The second signifier of our materialistic happiness and our well-being in the physical world will be symbolized by Venus, also known among the oldest books like the”Minor benefactor”, softens everything that touches, and brings attractive changes of comfort and a certain abundance for the house that passes in transit.

However, we must not forget the luminaries (sun and moon) as they are among themselves, and how they communicate with the benefactors, will show us how easily a person can make profits without too much effort, or on the contrary, how much effort goes to have to make an individual to be able to succeed in the world of money.

Let’s see below the different readings that Jupiter has in relation to finances. The excellent position of this planet, can give birth in an environment surrounded by goods. In youth, it helps to have the support of powerful and wealthy benefactors that can provide profits for exceptional occupations or a good profit of foreign trade.

It brings good external relations, high-level finances, although due to the excessive optimism it produces, and its desire for exaggerated expansion leads to risky operations that do not always achieve the desired prosperity.

As for Venus, it will give us temporary tranquility, with the ease of making money with pleasant and simple occupations, it can provide us with a reasonable sum with activities related to art, music and theatre. On the other hand, can generate many expenses in pleasures and a comfortable life.

With this, it does not mean that only two planets determine our economy, the birth chart is a totality and should always be read by a qualified professional.

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