What is Gand Mool Dosha or Gand Mool Nakshatra?

Astrophysicists believe that if a child is born in Gand mool, then within a month, whenever the same constellation returns, then the peace of Gandmool Nakshatra should be restored on that day; otherwise it is an inauspicious result. But this is not entirely true.

There are 27 nakshatras in total, out of which the Ketu and Mercury rule six – Mool, Revati, Ashlesha, Jyesth, Ashwini, and Magha are known as Gand Mool Nakshatras. The child who is born under these six constellations is considered to be born in Gandmool Nakshatra.

According to P. Khurrana (famous astrologer in India), the child born in these Nakshatras are unfortunate and face various problems and hindrances in their life. Therefore, it is recommended to perform pooja on the 27th day of child’s birth. The Gandmool Dosh pooja is performed to reduce the severe harms of the Nakshatra by pleasing the ruling God of Nakshatra. In many cases, it is believed that the newly born child is unfavorable to the near relatives such as father, mother, maternal uncle, etc.

Also, if the birth of a child is done on Tuesday or Saturday, then its inauspicious effect increases.

Many astrologers believe that the child who is born under these Nakshatras stands for the death of cattle, death of father and mother, bad by heart, unlucky for spouse, elder brother, maternal uncle, and so on.

Now, let’s discuss the concept of Gandmool Dosh in detail. This dosh deals with the positioning of the moon in Nakshatras of the individual’s horoscope at the time of the birth of a person. According to Vedic Astrology and Sciences, there are 27 nakshatras, and all the nakshatras follow each other in a cyclic order. Every Nakshatra has four padas, and each planet is placed in one of these nakshatras. If the natal moon leaves any Nakshatra and is about to enter the next nakshatra, there comes a situation when two nakshatras pass off where the endpoint of 1 pada of Nakshatra concur with the beginning point of the next nakshatra. This situation may happen 27 times for all 27 nakshatras. Also, 12 Rashis or Zodiac Signs follow each other again in a cyclic order like the Nakshatras. Now, in order to form a gand mool dosh, there should be a double concurrence between the Dosha and Rashi. This usually happens in three cases, where both the Rashi and Dosha coincide and moon acts negatively to form Gandmool Dosh.

Those 3 cases are as follows-

  • 4th Pada of Revati Nakshatra and 1st Pada of Ashvini Nakshatra.
  • 4th Pada of Ashlesha Nakshatra and 1st Pada of Magha Nakshatra.
  • 4th Pada of Jyeshtha Nakshatra and1st Pada of Moola Nakshatra.

Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Amitabh Bachan, Devanand, Sunil Dutt, Nargis Dutt, and Hrithik Roshan are some of the famous people who are born in the Gand mool Nakshatra and have achieved great success in their lives.

gand mool nakshatra celebs

However, it is highly suggested that to avoid the complications of Gand mool Dosha and reduce its harms by performing the paath, Pooja, and prayers that can rectify the negative effects of this.

So, now you know what exactly Gandmool Dosh means and how it affects. If you have any query or concern about this, then consult the best celebrity astrologer in Mumbai – P. Khurrana.