MAY 22-JUNE 21

As a Mercury ruled Air Sign, Gemini rules combination and mental energy. Gemini natives are adaptable, extremely intelligent and quick witted. Persons born during this period possess a dual chracter and temerament. Their moods are easily changeable and as a rule they are restless, diplomatic and ambitious. Being intellectual and versatile, they are suitable for a variety of career, including teaching, journalism, publishing, selling and acting. People with the Sun in Gemini are inconsistent in their love life. By nature they are flirtatious and have more than one affair. One of their difficulties is an inability to concentrate and a constant need for instant gratification which cause them to give up rather easily. With difficult aspects they can be too scattered, restless and insensitive.

Persons born in this sign deriver much satisfaction from work accomplished for their nature has always the tendency to subject it to serve criticsm afterwards. Such persons often attain a prominent position in the center of some progressive moment but they generally follow two professions one to suit the public and the other to suit themselves.

Their personality is extremely fascinating that they leave their mark of there presence in a party.

In matters of affection they are a great mystery. They can love passionately. And yet be unfaithful at the same time. They often keeps two homes and usually by their wonderful tact escape being found out. They make hosts of friends and are kind hearted.

They often have great ups and downs but nothing makes much impression on them. If they are depressed one moment they may equally gay the next. They change the outlook on life many times during their career, but if they once change in their feelings of affections for a person, it is as if that person for them had ceased to exists.

Their versatile mind make them learn a little about a lot of things, so there is a the danger of becoming a jack of all trades but master of none unless they focus on a particular career.

They have the symmetrical influence of the Gemini in so far as they are genereous in an academic kind way of way, but emotionally you lack really depth of feeling when compared with the scale of emotionally response possible for some of the other zodiacal sign types. Perhaps this is a reason why a fair percentage of people born with Gemini on the ascendant have problem in marriage or marry more then once.

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