How to choose gemstones according to your Zodiac Sign?

Which precious gemstones suits you? To find out, the easiest way is to start with your date of birth, which will allow you to easily find your astrological sign because each of the astrological signs is linked to a set of stones.

Gemstones, in general, have always had a strong connection to astrological signs. These, beyond the protection also boost your energies and accentuate the positive character traits.

Without any side effects, you can benefit from the energy of gemstones and crystals to harmonize your physical body and the energies that flow through it. So, it is always good to discover a set of precious gemstones that are linked with your astrological sign.


Aries stoneNatural by nature, quick in their decisions, the natives of the Aries are very generous and creative. The ideal stone for Aries is aquamarine as it will bring you better health and hope in everyday life. Other gemstones such as Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye can stimulate or unlock your creativity. Gemstones such as Red Jasper (increases toughness and perseverance), Ruby (increases strength, will and stubbornness), Carnelian (strengthens vitality, sexuality and courage) will accentuate your positive traits.


tauras stoneCalm, traditionalists, conservative, the bull natives have a great sense of reality. They always take their time thinking before making a decision, which makes them safe people. A diamond or sapphire would be ideal for bulls. Diamond and sapphire refer to strength and love. Beside these precious stones, you can also buy stones such as Blue Calcite (gently soothes the nerves), Citrine (promotes the inner calm), the Pink Quartz (corresponds to the emotional life, the love for for oneself and for others). The Emerald allows to ensure the integration of the emotions. Whereas, the Lapis lazuli, stone of the friendship protects against the harmful influences and gives confidence in oneself.


capricorn stoneFor the natives of Gemini, the Emerald will make the case as an ideal stone, because it cures most diseases. But you can also opt for the Agate which has the same characteristics as the Emerald. Beside these gemstones, you can also choose the Imperial Topaz. It assures assimilation, brings positivity and reinforces intuition. Chalcedony brings sweetness and peace, increases the inner sensitivity and balances the emotions.


Sagittarius stoneIf you are Cancerian, the moonstone fits you the best. However, because of your hypersensitivity you should not wear pink quartz under any circumstances. Nevertheless, you can use other stones such as Emerald or Labradorite. The Emerald, for example, helps to ensure the integration of emotions. It also promotes physical and mental growth.


leoFor the natives of Leo, it is the ruby that must be worn in jewellery or onyx. It brings harmony to the life of a couple. But, there are many things you should consider if you want to wear ruby. It is recommended that you wear the ruby stone of the right weight and to know the right weight according to your birth and age you should consult P. Khurrana. Also, it is important to follow the right procedure of Pooja before wearing ruby. Take one red cloth, keep 1.25kg wheat, Surya Yantra, copper coin and ruby ring on it. Chant the “Aum Hraam Hreem Hroum Sha Suryaye Namha” mantra for gyarah-mala. After this, you can wear the ruby ring and give the wheat, surya yantra and copper coin to the needy people. However, what matters the most is that never wear any of the gemstone without consulting the expert astrologer.

To know clearly in detail, watch this video – How to wear ruby gemstone.


virgo stoneThe peridot and the carnelian are two gemstones that correspond to the natives of Virgo. Other stones such as rose quartz and malachite will help you accept change and take risks. Celestine confers strength and immense inner peace to open oneself to new experiences. The Citrine and Tourmaline encourages respect and self-confidence. At last, the Sodalite, Lapis lazuli or Blue calcite will encourage the verbal expression of your feelings.


libra stoneFor natives of Libra, Chrysolite is better indicated as a precious gemstone. It brings faith and purity. Other stones such as the Imperial Topaz assures assimilation, brings positivity and reinforces intuition. The Smoked Quartz decreases mistrust, increases the sense of responsibility. Amethyst facilitates decision making by appealing to your common sense. Whereas, the Celestine stones, Blue calcite and Lapis lazuli will help you to have a fluid communication, and better express your opinions.


Scorpio stoneStones such as Blue Calcite will gently soothe the nerves and ward off negative emotions. While Amethyst will be beneficial to restore inner calm. The citrine and carnelian will help you strengthen your concentration. Amethyst will make your decision making more manageable by using your common sense. Lapis lazuli will allow you to express your opinions better and blue calcite will promote clear communication.


Sagittarius stoneStrong and independent spirits brimming with energy, the Sagittarius natives are naturally open-minded and thirsty for new ways of thinking, traveling and exploring. For this, the best stone is the Pink Quartz that will promote the acceptance of these necessary changes. Also, gemstones such as Celestine supports mental clarity that allows for fluid communication. And, the Turquoise reduces nervousness when speaking in public. It is also an excellent option for natives of Sagittarius.


capricorn stoneTurquoise or topaz will bring you luck. But you can also opt for the Emerald, the stone of harmony. It ensures the integration of emotions and the maintenance of personal balance. The Onyx strengthens determination, the Aquamarine improves expression of your feelings, Pink Quartz increases your creativity and Amethyst elevates your spirituality.


AQUARIUS Stone Intelligent but also idealistic, the gemstone garnet is perfect for Aquarius. In the absence of garnet, Sodalite will also work. Sodalite instills the desire for truth and incites idealism while allowing you to remain faithful to yourself and your convictions. Other stones such as Celestine and Blue Calcite will promote mental clarity to have a clear, fluid communication. While, Turquoise will lessen your nervousness when you speak in public. The Citrine and Rose Quartz will help you build confidence in yourself and your feelings.


PISCES stoneAmethyst is the best stone for Piscean natives. This purple rock establishes peace and protects you from deception. It restricts alcohol intoxication. In case Amethyst is not available, you can opt for the moonstone. Other stones can also be associated with the signs to the native ones of Pisces. We can mention the Citrine which will be very useful for you to reach your emotional balance. The Citrine stone will allow you to see the future with optimism. Whereas, the Pink Quartz and the Citrine will increase this confidence in you.


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