How to Know Marriage Timing and Astrology?

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Do you Want to Know marriage timing in astrology? As a professional astrologer when people comes for consultation most of the people ask when will I get married? It is very natural to become curious about Marriage and relationship after a certain age. All this information is stored within your horoscope or Kundli and careful study can reveal marriage timing from date of birth.

In our Life Relationships are very important. Some relations we get by virtue of birth like father, Mother, sister etc. and some we create by our self like Friends, Life partner etc. Among these relationship Marital relationship is the most important relation a person creates in his or her life. So, people are always curious to know about the marriage timing in astrology.

But No Astrology Software or no online website can give you information about exact time of your Marriage. You have to do it Manually by checking your birth chart. Marriage age prediction cannot be automated because there are so many factors which no software can check. Moreover, Intuition also play an important role. So, if you are one of them searching Marriage prediction Calculator, Stop right now. You will not be able to get any correct Prediction. Just open your Horoscope and follow the given steps, you will be able to find your Marriage date from kundli.

But Remember the Method I am going to explain below is for first Marriage. If you want to Know about second Marriage read How to Know the Time of Second Marriage.

Marriage astrology is a Specialized task and it has 3 major Parts- Knowing the exact time of Marriage, Understanding Marital Happiness and Marriage Matching. Here I will give you a Proper and step-by-step guide on How to predict marriage Timing in astrology easily yet effectively and this will help you in marriage prediction from Horoscope. We will use Main birth chart, Navamsa Chart and Jaimini principle. This three-step approach is for Accurate Marriage prediction. Navamsa is the Main Purpose chart for Marriage to fine tune our Prediction. If you do not have your horoscope, download it online for free and the most reliable website Astro India to cast your horoscope and Navamsa. You do not need anything else to know the exact time of your Marriage.

I will share the most comprehensive and Accurate method available in astrology for Marriage age prediction. First, I will explain various Principles available in astrology to know Marriage time and after that I will tell you how to use these Principles Practically in your horoscope.

Still If you think anything is missing here or adding any information will be helpful, please let me know by commenting below and I will update it with the required information. If you read this till end, I am sure You will be able to know your Marriage time by date of birth.

Houses which plays important role in Marriage astrology

In Marriage astrology the Main House for Marriage or any kind of Relationship is 7th House. 7th house doesn’t only represent Marriage, but it also represents any kind of Serious relationship or partnership, in case of career astrology it also represents Profession. But here I will confine myself with Marriage astrology only. Some time we may not get married legally but we stay in a relationship very long like 10 years or 12 years. That is also judged from 7th house. whenever 7th house and 5th house make any kind of relationship, it creates Yoga’s for Love marriage. You can read my detail article on how to know whether you will have Love Marriage or Arranged.

So 7th house and 7th Lord is the most important factor in predicting marriage time by date of birth. If you do not know what your 7th house is, open your Horoscope and Check your Ascendant. Then start counting anticlockwise, and the 7th sign will be your 7th house. For example, if you are born with Aries Ascendant, your 7th house will be Libra. If you are born with Taurus, your 7th house will be Scorpio. This 7th house and its Lord has maximum Say in Marriage age Prediction and Timing of Marriage astrology.

The next important House for marriage is 8th house. It is the 2nd house from 7th house. So it indicates the stability and sustenance of Marriage. It also indicates Physical relationship. So 8th house also So whenever the 5th house or its Lord makes a connection with 8th house or its Lord, it can give sensual nature and creates astrological Yoga for Secret relationship.

Second House indicates family and Relatives. Marriage is not only a relationship between a Man and woman but it also between two families. So, whenever marriage is performed it also connects two families. Naturally 2nd house also plays an important role in astrology by date of birth for marriage.

The last important house for predicting marriage timing in astrology is 11th house. 11th house indicates gain, our social and friend’s circle. It also indicates fulfillment of desire. Nothing can gain without the Blessing of 11th Lord. Check out Astro India for more information.

Important planets to predict marriage Timing in astrology

The Planets which can Give Marriage in their Dasha and Antardasha irrespective of their Lordship or placement are Venus and Rahu. These two planets are having special importance in Marriage astrology.

Venus is the Natural Significator of Marriage and Relationship. So if the Period of Venus is running in the marriageable age it can give Marriage even if it is not connected with 7th or 8th or 11th house.

The next one is Rahu. If the period of Rahu is also running in perfect Marriageable age, it can give marriage in its Dasha or Antardasha. So these two Planets are very important in Marriage time prediction by astrology.

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