Janmashtami (A day of prayer for marital bliss)

The festival of Janmashtami is falling today. Lord Krishna the beloved of Hindus appeared in Mathura on this day. His wonderful “Raas Lila” with the Gopis excels all others and reaches its climax when he enacts it with His best beloved Radha. The display of flute by Lord Krishna is so melodious that all the world is put together. On hearing it, the mountains shake, rivers stop beasts and plants experience a spiritual thrill.
He is known for his dance and love, when he plays his flute women dance madly in love for their beloved Krishan. There are a lot of stories that tells the tale of Lord Krishna and his extraordinary powers and in one of the stories it has been said that he has defeated the many head serpant Kaliya by submission of his dance. Gopi’s went after Him madly even forgetting the social norms. Reason? Lord Krishna’s love for Radha was supreme; eternal ; sublime and unconditional.

Astrologically; the Moon entered the house of Taurus in Rohini Nakshatra in the month of Sravana when Lord Krishna appeared. Bhagwan Krishna is epitome of spiritual love and it is believed that influence of Venus is most strong on Janmashtami. Venus is Lord of seventh house ; pertains to love, romance and marriage. This house also gives indication to emotional bond. If it is aspected by malefic planet the native does not enjoy the family bliss. Broken relationships ; separation, divorce and marital discord are seen from the seventh house.


It is believed the couples in love and desirous to get marry should keep fast on Janmashtami. They are suggested to donate milk, curd, silver, honey & Ghee.

Women desirous of child should recite the Mantra after taking bath with Cow’s milk. The “Balroopa” of Lord should be kept at the time of recitation.

Aum Devkisut Govind Vasudev Jagatpate
dehi mein tanye krishan tavmeh sharnagatam

Recitation 2100 times
Direction : East
Rosary : Turmeric

Divine Wisdom:

Balroopa of Lord Krishna should get energies by a learned scholar/astrologer. Rosary of turmeric should be prepared by the Sadhu/Astrologer/Guru. And it should be given as a “Gift” to the disciple.