JUL 23-AUG 23

Represented by the Lion, king of the jungle, Leos must be in control of their lives at all times. They do not like working for others and everything they do must have their personal stamp. But Leo can also represent one of the most generous and magnanimous signs of the Zodiac, capable of being wonderful hosts and hostesses.

Persons born during this period are extremely sympathetic, generous, honest, straightforward and authorities. They are proud and lucky in money matters. They possess a strong will power and great tenacity of purpose. They usually achieve their objectives in spite of difficulties or obstacles. The career best suited to them are the armed forces, civil services, finance, business and politics. In matters of love they are possessive, passionate and loyal. They crave for love which often eludes them due to their stubborn temperament.

In addition to being constructive and inventive, Leo’s are good organizers, directors and ‘ideas men’ who leave the detailed and technical work to others. They enjoy being admired and praised for their accomplishments and desperately need the approval of others. Difficult aspects make them too demanding, too authoritative and too egotistic to concern themselves with the needs and opinions of others.

People born in this period are large hearted and generous. They have an extremely independent spirit, they detest control or being dictated to. They have much tenacity of purpose and will power and if they put their mind on some plan , purpose or position , they usually reach their goal in spite of every difficulty or obstacle.

They have wonderful magnetic power in inspiring others on to do great deeds.

They make enemies by their frankness of speech and their hatred of anything underhand or that savours of subterfuge. They will defend a friend in the face of all attacks ; it is only treachery, disloyalty or deceit that can ever break or crush their proud spirit.

They radiate warmth , affection kindness and a strong personal magnetism which makes them exceedingly popular. Highly susceptible to environment, they exhibit a strong tendency to take on the habit and conditions of others. However the Leo cannot be overlooked in a crowed. He is well proportionate ; his regal bearing and high laughter will frequently resemble roar. Discordant and numinous environments can effect his health. His best medicine is peace, love , warmth and harmony.

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