SEP 24-OCT 23

Libra ; a symbol of pair of justice scales indicates love of balance & harmony. Venus the ruling planet ; so they are gentle, soft spoken, modest & courteous. Persons born during this period are decisive in their thoughts and actions. They have great foresight and intuition. They are diplomatic, alert, balanced and just. They have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. All sorts of careers are suitable to them, though they are more successful and lawyers, judges, politicians, diplomats and salespersons. They often hold a prominent position in public life. On the marital front , however, they are seldom happy.

They have a difficult time making decisions and can be lazy, excessive with drugs and alcohol especially in case of unsuccessful love affair. There is too much concern with appearances ; attire ; colour and they too often adjust their personalities to suit their partner. Love life is of permanent importance in their life even in old age they rarely losses interest.

Librans are very often fond in public life, but they generally go in for it from the standpoint of their desire to adjust the balance of things for the betterment of their fellow.

Just as the balance can tip easily from one side of the scale to other, so they can be changeable in both in ideas and moods. They may be giving all of your attention to a particular hobby or line of thought and then almost without warning they can drop it. They have a strong sense of justice and will never allow a wrong to go uncorrected. They are pleasant, with a charming disposition, and to be happy they must have peace and harmony around you. IN fact peace at any price could well be the motto of Libra people.

Libra are naturally artistic, with a good eye for design, so their home always will be tactfully decorated. Beauty and elegance are important and they will spare no expense when buying anything which accentuates these qualities.

They are affectionate and makes friends easily, so their social life is not only likely to be interesting but also profitable, providing opportunities for furthering their success. As they haven intense dislike of conflict tension and discord, most people find it easy to get along with them.

Many born in this sign of Libra spend a life time in study or research work of some particular kind ; some make excellent scientists and doctors who pursue a special line of study, but whatever they do they generally do thoroughly. They have many sided nature and having numerous moods , to which hey gave great variety of expression. They have little and no regard for the value of money and rarely involve their affairs through rash speculation and reckless enterprise.

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