What is the importance of numbers in intimate relationships?

There is no disputing the fact that the science of numbers in astrology has a significant role to play in the sphere of human associations and alliances. Your love life and sex life are, indeed, influenced by your Sun Sign. In this article, make an attempt to understand how and why certain numbers are bound to make a successful couple or relationships while other numerical combinations would have to work hard on achieving harmony.


(If you were born on 1st, 10th , 19th , 28th)


According to numbers in astrology, the person like you who are under number 1 are creative and expressive, you would wish to put your love into words and hence, write letters, messages and even poetry dedicated to your beloved. The flip side is that you would want the same amount of devotion and dedication from your lover. It would be a good idea for you not to be too rigid in this expectation since, there is a very strong chance that your partner may not be endowed with the same expressiveness and creativity.

Your sense of creativity extends to wanting to fashion an aura of romance. Drama and the allure associated with it is what you would want to generate in your relationships. The idea is that everyone should be able to see your relationship in all its grandeur and elegance. You appreciate everything that is associated with the emotion of love. Small gestures, thoughtful gifts, and warmth are what you crave for. If your partner is even slightly aloof, you will become moody and depressed. However, when things would return to normal, you would bounce back to your normal sunny self. This would, however, not happen if you ever get the feeling that you are being taken for granted since your self-esteem is extremely high and you would want your partner to value you equally.


(If you were born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th)


A true romantic at heart, you would tend to reminisce over the shared sweet moments and think about your beloved. Feelings and sentiments have a significant role to play in your life as per the numbers in astrology. Moreover, these feelings have a profundity and intensity that can at times, hurt your mental equilibrium. In times of solitude, you like to reflect and dwell upon the loveliness of your romance. And you keep a firm grasp on all those things that bring rays of sunshine to your life.

Reunions, festivals, parties, and social gatherings, on the whole, bring a great deal of happiness to you. You cherish bonds and relationships, especially the family. For you, the family is extremely important and you value it more than anything else. You would place your life partner and your children at the very center of your universe, and your life would revolve around them entirely. Nothing else can take the place of your family for you. Such is the strength of this bond in your life.


(If you were born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th)


According to P. Khurrana – the best celebrity astrologer in India, numbers in astrology, it gives you a great deal of happiness when you and your partner find joy in the same things. These could be anything from a poem, a common cause, and activities. For you, it is essential that there is a strong feeling of sharing, oneness, and togetherness. You want to feel that you are soul mates with your partner. Individualism and isolation do not agree with you. A strong bond stokes your passion and enthusiasm with your partner.

Moreover, you are of the opinion that it is essential that you and your mate have interests other than physical love to bind you and keep your relationships alive. What you look for is an ideal marriage- literally or figuratively. And it is not in your nature to settle for anything else. If you ever get the feeling that the two of you are drifting apart or lack a strong bond, you would be saddened immensely. Hence, you make it a point to keep the magic alive in your relationship and giving it a newness and freshness whenever you can. Emotional ties are stronger for you than merely physical ones.


(If you were born on 4th, 13th or 22nd)


You have a somewhat austere approach to love and romance as per the numbers in astrology. What you want is simple. Your partner should love you and at the same time, not infringe upon your personal space. Since you have an individualistic streak, you would often want to be left to your own thoughts and ideas.

Creative and imaginative, you would think of unusual ways to romance your loved one and give him/her a feeling of being most special and privileged. However, it is important that you do not hold the same expectations from your partner. You would need to curb your egoistic tendencies and be more giving in your relationship. Otherwise, according to numbers in astrology, the chances are that you could be quite disappointed. Your spontaneity would ensure that there is never a dull moment. You would continuously think of a way to enliven and enhance your romantic escapades. You enjoy the feeling of being the centre of someone’s existence. The warmth of love is something that you do tend to value. However, your unusual temperament may sometimes, send off the wrong signals. Therefore, ensure that you keep the passion and ardor alive in the relationship.


(If you were born on 5th, 14th or 23rd)


Like other numbers in astrology, the number 5 is noted for the single status of its natives. While this does not imply that you would not have a romantic inclination, it does indicate that you would not plunge headlong into a relationship. You would watch and wait till you are entirely sure of your feelings and only then, put your faith in someone. You tend to view your feelings and emotions with your head, and hence, you would be wary of what love would bring. Moreover, you would draw inferences from the relationships and marriages you see around you to form the basis of your own relationship.

Therefore, it is quite possible that your overly judgmental attitude could hamper your happiness and contentment. It is essential that you avoid being too analytical and savor the moment. It would go a long way in solidifying your relationships with your partner. Cherish the feeling of being in love and the color of romance. Being born under 5 number in astrology does signify that you would use your head more than your heart.


(If you were born on 6th, 15th or 24th)


For you, the emotion of love is as innate as emotions of anger, joy, and hurt. You have a passionate and intense sensuality which translates into a deep respect for love and affection. Romance is not treated lightly by you. You give it a lot of weight in your daily life. As a result, for you, this beautiful emotion has a lot of importance for you as a person.

Since love and romance have a significant place in your life, you tend to worship your beloved and hence, you may even be somewhat controlling and overprotective. Valuable and cherished, these are the feelings that you would associate with your beloved. Just as you would make your partner feel most important, you would want to experience the same emotional and mental security. You would want to know that your partner loves you completely and implicitly. That, for you, is the most beautiful aspect of being in love and loving someone. This is what number 6 says about your relationships like other numbers in astrology.


(If you were born on 7th, 16th or 25th)


Love for you has a higher dimension. You connect better on a spiritual plane, and hence, your thoughts and views regarding love have a deeper meaning. For you, love is not selfish. You would want to use it to make life and the world more improved. While you should continue to spread love throughout the world, you should not forget to make it an integral part of your personal life, as well – says P. Khurrana on the basis of numbers in astrology. This is what would help you to evolve and grow as an individual.

Bringing happiness to the life of your partner is what would give you great joy. Sacrificing and giving, you would let your own interests be in the face of the happiness and contentment of those you cherish. You are extremely affectionate, warm and kind. All that you desire is to give this warmth to everybody you meet or interact with.


(If you were born on 8th, 17th or 26th)


Fundamentally , according to numbers in astrology, you would want to get the love and affection of your lover. Only then would you want to share your love with your partner. Respect and your sense of confidence are critical for you. This is a somewhat selfish attitude, and there could be a time when your partner could become offended and end a possibly meaningful relationships with astonishing suddenness.

Love, romance and affection are extremely important for you and you do need the relationships of marriage to give you an elevated sense of happiness and contentment. However, your expectations of your partner are rather high. You would want your mate to be good-looking and would not settle for anything but the best. You can even be quite critical of your beloved.


(Number 9th, 18th or 27th)


For you, the phenomenon of romance holds a lot of significance. It would rule your thought process, and you would be preoccupied with the notions of being in love with someone or the other. Every single action of yours and all your views would in one way or the other be connected to love and romance. You would be suffused with the beautiful flush of romance, and your emotions would be passionate and intense.

Consistent and yet romantic, you would be able to discover the secrets to lasting and blissful love life. You are true, an ideal example of how love can last through all times and be eternal.

Now, you know how the numbers in astrology can affect your loving relationships. In case, you want in-depth information, you can get in touch me.