Numerology is one of the oldest methods of prediction in astrology. It is thousand years old, and was developed by Pythagoras – the man at the origin of the famous mathematics theorem. Pythagoras codified numerology, which we know it today and proposed the first symbolic reading of numbers and letters. Thus, each number has a precise value but also a power capable of influencing our destiny. It is therefore by discovering this value and this power by means of numerical analysis, it is possible to transform its existence positively.

“All things are number and numbers rule the world”. – Pythagoras

Numerology has come down to us through an underground way, passing from a master to his pupil, from one initiate to another, remaining confined in esoteric circles, out of sight indiscreet lay people.

Based on the definition of Larousse, numerology is a divinatory art using numbers to make predictions. This divination is made possible through numerical analysis of personal characteristics such as the first name, the last name or the date of birth to identify the character of an individual and to predict his future, at least in broad outline.

Numerology is interested in the value of numbers in a symbolic and vibratory way. Each number brings its influence and vibration. It is done by performing a numerical analysis that it is possible to know more about the person’s personality and future. Numerology can actually be divinatory or almost therapeutic. In the latter case, we speak in particular of karmic numerology. It thus makes it possible to free oneself from some karmic debts.

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