FEB 20-MAR 20

The zodiac sign of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter; which symbolized fish. The character of this individual sign is most difficult to undermine as such he is inclined to be different from other signs. Its symbol recognized by the two fishes attempting to swim in opposite directions while there tails are tied together and this signifies a dualistic character causing confusion to the people.

Persons born during this period are generous, sympathetic and kind. They have a tendency to brood and become melancholic. They are loyal to their friends or to any cause they take up, provided they feel they are trusted. They are generally successful in all positions of responsibility. Pisceans have a strong desire to love and be loved. Quite often , this lead them to carry on with a romance secretly.

There is honesty , love of the arts and an incredible empathy the compassion towards people. They learn toward cultivating a spiritual life and live abroad. They have vivid imagination and relate to the world through their feeling and instincts. Pisceans are sometimes incapable of making a due to a lack of faith in their own judgement. They do not always express themselves clearly but are willing to help other people at a moment’s notice. At times Piscean’s live in a world of their own creation and have difficulty facing reality. Their lack of clarity makes them difficult to understand but they are none the less, extremely sensitive and incapable of hurting others. If they have hurt someone’s feelings they tend to feel guilt and remorse.

Pisceans are highly emotional. If they belong to the weak side of it, they are easily influenced by the people with whom they are thrown in contact but if they belong to the stronger side their emotional nature can lift them up to any position.

They are extremely sensitive & impressionable, with the result they you can sense an atmosphere when they walk into a room. The only trouble is that they readily pick up and absorb other people’s influence, so it is important for them to associate with the right kind of people, otherwise they could slip into the habit of doing as other do and thinking as others think. They are extremely sympathetic and unlikely to do anything to harm others. However, they should realize that it is sometimes necessary to be cruel in order to be kind.

They become disheartened at the slightest rebuff and, unless they make a determined effort to over come their timidity, you will miss out on the rewards which the realization of ideas would bring them.The whole nature of Pisces is receptive and negative; to counteract this they must train themselves to be more forceful, outgoing, practical and positive. Once they can do this they will have the best of both worlds : reality and romance.

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