NOV 23-DEC 21

Sagittarius is symbolised by the Centaur – Half horse and Half man who is always pictured pointing his bow and arrow towards the sky. Eternally optimistic and hopeful about the future, Sagittarius try to persuade others to develop the same attitude. They are always searching for the key to knowledge and happiness without working too hard to attain it. They have very high principles and are sometimes frank to the point of being painfully brutal. They have a joy and enthusiasm for life and a love of sports, travelling to foreign countries, learning and teaching. They enjoy meeting foreigners and very often live abroad or marry foreigners.

Persons born during this period are enthusiastic, determined and impulsive. They are usually outspoken and thus make many enemies. Being honest themselves, Sagittarius resent deception. They are usually go to extremes in all things and sociable. However, they are successful at whatever they do. They are best suited to a career connected with teaching, writing, publishing, research, defense and sports. They usually marry on impulse and are seldom happy in their married life.

Another strongly marked characteristic which naturally accompanies their driving urge to expand is a strong sense of independence and a great love of freedom. They will not tolerate anyone or anything restricting their freedom or placing limitations on their thoughts or actions. As a matter of fact this particular zodical influence on the ascendant is found in people who have strong affairs, romance with unconventional people or those who have married ore than once.

Of course, it can also cause the other extreme where the person refuses to give up his or her freedom and does not marry al all. Naturally where the success or failure or marriage is concerned, the influence of the Sun, Moon and the planets must be considered. Certainly not every person with Sagittarius on the ascendant is detined for a broken marriage but, nevertheless, it is an influence which needs careful handling.

They concentrate all their attention in whtever they are doing at the moment, and see no other way until their effort is spent.

Their mind are so quick in thoughts that they will be often found breaking in on the conversation of others and show their impatience with slow or ponderous speakers. They are inclined to make sudden decisions for which they may have regrets, but they will be too proud to acknowledge their efforts. They are staunch upholders of law and other and regularly visit places of worship, holy places and old archaeological spots.

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