OCT 24-NOV 22

Scorpions are ruled by planet Mars which is hot , fiery, passionate and stubborn. Scorpions are tireless workers as well as incredible extremists. They work very hard- sometimes too hard- trying to control their emotions. Scorpions are amazing workaholics and the more challenges they accept the more outlets they will have for all their energy. They are extremely determined, business oriented and possess a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. They have deep intuition, powerful emotions and extremely high standards which they set for themselves and others.

Persons born during this period are determined, independent and energetic. They have a magnetic personality and are versatile. Paradoxically, the basest and noblest of persons are found in this sign. Scorpio usually lead a double life, one for themselves and another for others. They have clear ideas about business and politics. Scorpio makes successful physicians , surgeons, detectives, researchers, psychiatrists and military officers. They are very demanding in their sex life, and are dogmatic and dominating at home. They have as many friends as enemies.

They have strong likes and dislikes and cannot be persuaded easily to change plans to opinions. Scorpio has an inflexible will power with great self reliance and this way be one of the reasons why they tend not to trust or rely on other people.

They are willing to work hard and long to achieve their goal and, being secretive, you do not normally divulge all their plans. They may tell some of the facts but they always keep their trump card hidden.

Any troubles they may experience in life are likely to be the result of too much emotional intensity or jealousy.

They have command of luggage , both in speaking and writing , and are intensively dramatic in their power of description.

They are mental fighters, more than on the physical side. They make good organizers if forced into welfare but as a rule they detest bloodshed.

Both the best and the worst in this sign are inclined in one way or another to lead some form of a ” double life” one for the eyes of the world the other for themselves. They are generally loved and adored by those who know them , but there are very few born under this sign who at some stage in their career escape from being attacked by some insidious form of calumny or scandal.

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