According to scriptures; a kaala-dhaga (black thread) has numerous benefits. Tying black thread improves kundlani chakra; which balances the TRIDOSHA; i.e Vata Pita and Kapha. The black thread has the power of destroying negative energies & evil-eye.

The black thread is tied to invoke the blessings of Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. It is dedicated to Lord Bhairav & Lord Shiva.

The thread is prepared on auspicious days of festivals; Diwali; Holi or on all days of festival which are considered HOLY DAYS.

SURAKSHA DORI; the black thread is prepared with a commitment of promise & protection to the devotee. It is composed of of 8- knots. Every knot is tied by enchanting of a particular mantra. After that it is purified with prayers, path-pooja to make it magical. The black thread acts as protecting shield against all evil energies; evil-eye and bodily ailments like phobia, depression, blood pressure or any disease which is not possible to diagnose. It will help doctors to detect basic cause of ailment. It also boosts your self-confidence. Students lacking concentration in studies can wear it.

How to wear?

It is to be worn on any day except Sunday and Tuesday at a place of worship.