APR 21-MAY 21

Venus the ruler of Taurus endows these people with kindness ; patience, charm and fondness. People born during this period of the year are dominating and obstinate. They are practical, successful and trustworthy. They are generally patient and preserving and have great power of endurance. Taureans make faithful and ;loyal friends. They are very careful about their personal comfort and money matters. A native whose Sun is in the sign Taurus is a sensuous person, and very jealous and sentimental in matter of sex. He can be easily misled by emotions and affections.

They are sensual, extremely passionate, possessive and jealous. They are straightforward and direct and, ponder for a long time before making a decision. Once they have a goal in mind, however , they are almost obsessive about attaining it. They are even tempered and while it takes some time before anger is ignited, their temper can be vile and difficult to control.

They are extremely social and ever happier then when entertaining their friends, or those they love. They make splendid hosts or hostesses ; they have great taste about food, and in an emergency make excellent cooks. They are artistic in their homes, wonderful in their arrangement of furniture and making things appear well.

As a rule they are often consider richer than they really are, and are more or less showy in everything they do.

They are governed largely by their emotions and sensations but affection has a greater hold on them than passion.

Like the bull, they are slow to anger but, when finally stirred up , they are capable of violent outbursts. They are stubborn in the face of all opposition, resisting any compromise.

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