Vastu Tips

– If a store room situated in South –west this could be harm your relationship, keep yellow light in store room.

– Keep a compass in south –west direction; universally this area belongs to love, romance and marriage will improve your married life.

– To find your ideal partner, write the name of your partner left corner of paper and keep at worship.

– Your main gate should be bigger than the other internal doors also main entrance gate is allowed on any directions, except South West direction.

– Not ever sit or sleep under a planned beam to avoid unhappiness, annoyance and loss of memory.

– If a tree or an electric telephone pole facing your main door or windows then it can cause the poor health of family members.

– Always close the water taps because water, particularly moving water, attracts positive energy and money.

– Never keep rubber plants, bonsai, and cactus or milk producing plants in the house. It will create disease problem in family members.

– While you are study; keep your face towards in North or North-East direction. It will improve your concentration power in study.

– Do not keep non-working, un-repaired device or damaged watch, telephone, radio, mixer, spoiled ball pens, etc in the house because it will create bad energy in the house and would check progress and harmony.

– Professionals: Manager, Director, Leader, Celebrity, Sports person, Government officer.

– Place the picture of Sun in the East direction in living room Keep small bamboo plant in the East direction of drawing room