Vastu-Shastra is an ancient Vedic science that gives knowledge about construction technologies and methods for constructing housing in harmony with man, nature, cosmic forces and the laws of the universe. Presently, the development of quantum physics has come very close to learning the effects of these laws on human consciousness.

Modern architecture is focused on physical comfort and functional efficiency of the structure without taking into account the subtle laws of nature that affect the structure and its inhabitants.

Proportional waves give happiness, harmony, prosperity and health. Unfortunately, modern architecture does not consider the vibration of these waves. The buildings constructed in this way create chaos in the atmosphere, settlements and cities, and also contribute to illnesses and mental problems.

Creating a healthy building can be achieved using the knowledge outlined in the ancient treatises of Vastu Shastra. The impact of vibration and energy emanating from different parts of the world and the Cosmos is the basic principle of Vastu Shastra.

Excavations of ancient cities indicate the application of this knowledge in the construction of their buildings by ancient civilizations. Buildings that have survived to our time are built using this knowledge, which allowed them to stand for millennia. Being in such buildings, you experience peace and inner comfort.

Many concepts in the Vastu Shastra are metaphysical and need a more in-depth analysis from the point of view of modern science. The ultimate goal of Vastu – the Shastra is the creation of favorable conditions for the realization of one’s spiritual essence.

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