AUG 24-SEP 23

As the sign of Virgin, Virgos search for purity through , cleanliness , good health, proper diet and exercise.They are sensitive, reserved, self conscious, critical and fastidious. As they are ruled by inconstant Mercury, Virgos are prone to change whether it be through multiple residences, jobs and points of view.

Persons born during this period are generally successful in life. They possess good judgments and a keen analytical power. They are neither easily impressed nor deceived by others. They always try to maintain a high standard of living. Virgos can be successful in business, and are also capable of adapting themselves to numerous vocations such as banking, medicine, journalism, law and telecommunications. On the emotional front however they are difficult to understand. Both strong and weak chracters are found in this sun sign.

They are conscientious and methodical workers capable of functioning under any adversity and also make excellent organizers. Virgo can be very insecure and reserved, qualities which may be interpreted as lack of warmth and good will. Because they are perfectionists, they are often dissatisfied and too critical of themselves as well as others. With difficult aspects, Virgos tends to have a pessimistic outlook on life spending too much time analyzing and worrying which may adversely affect their health.

They are modest and conservative and they do not particularly like the limelight, especially when it brings into close contact with other peoples. One noticeable feature which they derive from the position of Virgo on the ascendant is a dislike of being touched by other people. This somewhat Virgin-like quality makes them almost indifferent to physical passion and violent emotions and probably accounts for the fact that quite a high percentage of people who are born with Virgo on the ascendant prefer to remain single.

If allowed the negative side of Virgo to develop, their critical and discriminative faculties will degenerate into constant displays of nagging and fault finding. Their emphasis on detail also must be kept well under control because it easily can develop into over- fastidiousness. Virgo is much more interested in mental accomplishment than in physical prowess but it is important to go for Yoga, meditation and physical exercise.

They are not as a rule originator, but they carry out with success any plan or work that appeals to them , or things which others have failed to finish.

They have unusual respect for rank and position ; they are jealous supporters of the law and the law’s decision. They make excellent lawyers and debaters, but they tens towards supporting precedents more than originating any new ordinance. They are inclined to become wrapped up in themselves and their own ideas are appear to become selfish in the close pursuit of their aims. They are generally self possessed and self reliant.

They are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, the least in harmony or annoyance affects their nervous system and upset their digestive organs.

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